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Also, regarding the definition of marketing medium, other specialists define this concept as a combination of factors and external forces able to influence the company to maintain or expand trade on its markets. Knowledge and separation of the important factors influence each working on a specific market, allowing decisions for action by the company to survive, maintain or develop on that market. Knowing the marketing firm acting means, on the one hand, identify market requirements, and on the other hand, influence customer relationship buy aged gmail accounts that market. It should be noted and mentioned that company skills to understand and respond quickly to environmental factors, is the central and vital to the success or failure of the company on different markets.

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Therefore, we can say that both the knowledge and the analysis of the marketing environment is set up as a specific function and specialized for a company, which are available several specialized tools and techniques. One of the fundamental tasks of the marketing department is to investigate and analyze the factors and forces in the marketing environment and to assess their impact on the evolution of the company. From the point of view of the nature of the environmental action, most experts classify the marketing in categories namely: macro environment company; micro environment conceptual point of view, the macro environment and forces the company are all factors that constitute the general environment in which the company operates. Therefore, macro environment company is the whole general societal forces demographic, economic, natural, technological, political, cultural acting on the company's micro environment.

In literature, the main forces that are recognized as belonging to the macro are: demographic, economic, technological, political, cultural and environmental forces natural.aces specific environment is the population of a country, and its structure and segments. Demographic trends are interesting for marketers:. Trends in the population;. Trends in the population structure by age groups. Trends in family structure. Trends in the geographical distribution of the population;. Trends of diversity;. Trends shift from mass markets; by analyzing trends and demographic trends it is possible to predict, from companies, consumer behavior in a particular market, to the extent that the large number of needs buy gmail accounts pva and desires of those individuals are expressed traits demographic ex, age, sex, marital status. There are known for classical phases of the cycle: the momentum crisis, recession and refreshing. In the boom phase, consumers have the highest purchasing power and are willing to spend, unemployment is low, inflation is low, businesses are flourishing.

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It is widely accepted by experts that the economic conditions and is, at the same time support the purchasing power of the customers, be they businesses, individual consumers or government agencies. Factors influencing economic environment purchasing behavior of both companies and consumers. The general tendency of consumers to spend is closely linked to the development buy youtube accounts pva of the economic environment, namely due to a number of issues relating to the economic environment the prospect of a job well-paid and stable, the stability of the currency, the production of indigenous products, low prices different products and utilities, inflation and bank interest, tax policies. Of these factors, the most important are: a general state of the economy, b income and purchasing power of people, c their desire to spend d structure of consumer spending. A general condition of the economy, general economic conditions in any country are fluctuating, depending on the business cycle business which is country.

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In the structure of consumer spending, the biggest part lies core products and services; people give up expensive products. In the phase of recession, unemployment is the highest salaries are very low, consumers lose confidence in the economy. Businesses start to fail, and those who survived are restructured and began to replace the old system of manufacture. Phase of recovery, unemployment is being reduced gradually wages began to rise and, on this basis, increases consumer willingness to spend. Demand for consumer goods rise. Businesses are again thriving. Firms should redefine marketing strategies in line with the trend of the economic environment to register a new phase. How revenues are distributed is extremely important for the marketing departments because those with higher incomes have other interests, needs and preferences suck compared to go to those with low incomes. When supply exceeds demand, the economy entered the crisis of overproduction: unemployment and high inflation, purchasing power and lower consumption.